Stop stop using X and move to Y

by Sergio Gianazza, Founder

The uncomfortable Truth

Let's face it, every known programming language sucks. From C to Go, every existing programming language have their faults.

But with all their faults, every programming language have some magic....well, except PHP (just kidding :smiley:), and that's why we end up in love with Ruby, Python or Java. And when someone tell us that Python is better than Ruby, we rise our fist and start yelling "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??!! YOU CAN'T DO METAPROGAMMING!! YOU CAN'T EVEN UPDATE YOUR FRAMEWORKS TO PYTHON 3!"...but deep inside our heart we know that we envy Python programmers, they have a great community, they have lots of great frameworks, they know about performance.

But we still enjoy when someone told us that he or she failed using X programming language and have success using Y. We hate X...we love Y. We don't know who wrote that article, we don't even know the company that he or she works for, but we still enjoy the information, someone is on our side. We retweet, share on HN and email all of our co-workers the article, we feel the power of the truth, truth that we already know, but we didn't have time to prove.

And one or two days later, we read a re-tweet in twitter: "Why we stop using Y and moved to X", and the flame war begins again.

Let's face it, every known programming language sucks, X sucks, Y sucks. And nevertheless we still pay attention to "why we stop using X and moved to Y" articles.

I don't care why X failed at your company. I don't know if you are an outstanding coder, or if you have no idea about X. I really don't care. The best choice that I can make is based on MY OWN experience. If I will fail, I will fail because of me, not because of your article.

So please, keep loving your favourite language, and keep writing code in X, keep growing the community.

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